Maryam Owji was born in 1956 in Shiraz, Iran. Her love and interest for the arts began at the age of 4, starting from the logic and the process behind carpet weaving and embroidery, along with the mathematical rationale that comes with it. She was on a never ending path to learn about all aspects of art in drawing, design, painting, poetry and creative filmmaking.

In 1976 Maryam graduated at the top of her class from Banafseh institute of Art and design in Tehran, in 1976 moved to the UK.

Maryam studied journalism and art, with an MA in Art and Graphic Design from University of Arts London,  and Filmmaking at French Institute- Abbas Kiarostmai and Makhmalbaf Film Academy.

Maryam is married to Philippe Linder, living in Switzerland, together are the founders of International Art Club Switzerland an international art association connecting artist and supporting communities promoting art and culture. 

Maryam role as the Creative Director in International Art Association aim is to support and collaborate with a group of international artists and philosophers with vision to promote art, exhibition and poetic creative documentary films with goals to connect artists and innovation to promote Swiss Culture, creating a setting for creative Cultural Art in an International platform with projects in the International Association of Art  to preserve artistic exchange of views promoting integration in Switzerland working on our onsite digital exhibitions with interactive link to all the members of the Swiss International Art Association, link to the artist’s websites, promoting all artists creations.