Maryam graduated at the top of her class with distinction in Couture Design from Banafshe Institute of Art and Design in Tehran. When she moved with her family to the UK I the 1970’s, she continued to develop her talent, expanding into other areas of art with a Postgraduate Diploma at the London School of Joumalism and obtained an MA Graphic Design from the University of Arts in London.

Maryam has been living and working in London for over forty years as successful artist with interests in all aspects of arts. Her ambitions in creating couture masterpieces, emerged from the Persian community to charismatic magnet in London and established her designs at an international level and launched into the competitive couture industry, maintaining a career as a private couturier in London, with clients including Joan Collins, Baroness di Portanova, Britt Ekland, Princess Firyal of Jordan and European royal family members.

Maryam’s exquisite designs are based on Persian miniatures. Her cultural heritage continues to inspire her work continues to develop her talent into other designs to have been shown in numeous production companies and TV and Fashion shows.

Maryam’s work is realistic fine art representing an emotional silent, dramatic, immersive and poetic paintings, subtly interwoven with wonders crystallize of her philosophical format that speaks to viewers heart in an individualistic style.