Throughout history, mankind has used nature to achieve balance, harmony and beauty in his architecture, design, composition, sculpture, painting and music.

Maryam takes inspiration from Fibonacci and Da-Vinci and her fascination in Persian motifs, to create the most exquisite designs. Her philosophy is to make each Couture Design unique for its owner. There is no “collection,” no “line,” no easily reproducible template. Maryam starts from scratch each time, and the work can take weeks. Each design that she has made is a masterpiece.

The unique pieces are designed and made by Maryam, crafted with the combination of traditional and contemporary designs of tomorrow, in her atelier to forge a timeless classic that speaks both of the past and the future. Her work has been described as a celebration of womanhood and the power of elegance and femininity.

Maryam Couture Designs explore a more conceptual sense of the surreal using natural pearls and precious stones on extremely precious fabrics, creating exquisite designs which give the illusion of the fine jewels floating.

Currently is in Switzerland, home to a blend of tradition and innovation at the heart of Europe, among the art-lovers whose quality and sophistication are prized by the world, Maryam is proud to be part of unite tradition with innovation, full of joy and energy working in her couture atelier In Monnaz.