Painting No 8: Hopes and Dreams, The Bridge

170 x 140 Oil on Canvas 2000-2003
CHF 420’000.00

With all the hopes and dreams,
Looking for future lands and further
Nostalgia I will carry
Like birds’ last migration
Kindling hearts
Warming the passage of our last destiny
Born without possessions
Leaving with none
Looking for future lands and tomorrow
Nostalgically carrying our hopes
Dreams and emotions

Abstract: Painting of an inner view of the world from an eagle’s perspective, focusing on changes for a better future with the subjects short and squat emphasizing the smallness yet the insignificance of our hopes and dreams.

Symbolically exploring the philosophical wisdom, runners contemplate, when out for a run, the celebration of friendship, the freedom.
Our movements passionately seeking, flourishing, finding opportunities for an incomparable quality of life and the potential movements are a realistic view to our behaviour in our multi cultured societies.


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November 9, 2022